Jewish Identity as Portrayed in Jewish Mystery and Detective Fiction

This introduction is inspired by the following traditional folk saying:
"Why were human beings created? Because God loves to hear stories."

Mystery stories, mystery novels are one of the most popular types of fiction published today. Some of you may know that there are more than 10,000 mystery titles in print at any one time. Other than romance novels more mystery and crime novels are sold than any other fiction genre. The New York Times has one-half of their list in both paper and hardback that are mysteries. Also, in The New York Times, Marilyn Stasio devotes a bi-weekly column to crime and mystery novels.

Why this popularity? Several reasons I believe - I will share with you a couple of them as I speak today... Click here for the full story...

Bibliography of American Jewish Mystery and Detective Fiction
To the popular division of mysteries into private eye, police procedural and armchair detective I wish to add three sub-categories based on Jewish identity and the role of Judaism in each mystery. To this end I have developed my own division of mysteries that is reflected in this annotated bibliography of American Jewish mystery and detective fiction. ...

Criminal Kabbalah: All-new mysteries that will tantalize and captivate mystery lovers and Jewish fiction enthusiasts alike.

edited by Lawrence W. Rahael
foreword by Laurie R. King
Edgar Award-Winner & Author of O Jerusalem

Featuring the works of:
Terence Ball, Sandra Levy Ceren, Rochelle Krich, Martin Samuel Cohen, Shelley Singer, Richard Fliegel, Janice Steinberg, Michael A. Kahn, Batya Swift Yasgur, Stuart M. Kaminsky

Mystery Midrash: A unique treat with a twist for mystery lovers - and anyone fascinated by modern Jewish fiction.

edited by Lawrence W. Rahael
preface by Joel Siegel
ABC's Good Morning America

Featuring the works of:
Toni Brill, Howard Engel, Richard Fliegel, Michael Kahn, Stuart Kaminsky, Faye Kellerman, Ronald Levitsky, Ellen Rawlings, Shelley Singer, Bob Sloan, Janice Steinberg, James Yaffe, Batya Swift Yasgur